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Can-Am RC Tank Club

The CAN-AM RC Tank Club is a group of remote control tank enthusiasts that meet together to run our tanks on a miniature battelfield and conduct simulated battles using Infrared combat systems.

Canadian Military Collectors Forum

Comprehensive forum of Canadian military history and militaria of all eras.


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Free forum : Clover

Clover rocks your socks

Tax GunZ

The Revotation


We are a Full TW Guild!


360, movies

ChaosLegion Guild B{- CABAL NA

CL on cabal, Venus ch12

Crime Gunz

New Server

Ludace :)

Samo za nas 3 :D

Wrestling and about wrestling

Canada Gaming Clan

Combat Arms All Canadian Clan Out to Defeat FDQ and other French Clans

Riders of the Horde

Guild website for Riders of the Horde

ETO-MTO 1942-1944

US Army 1942-1944