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The Creative Chicks

A PSP Group where friends gather.

Dice Devils GC Forum

Forum for club discussion.

HoopLife Forums

Constructive talk about issues affecting Canadian basketball from coast-to-coast

Canadaquaria Your Canadian Aquarium Forum

A friendly Canadian aquarium forum dedicated to freshwater and saltwater hobbyists

The Friendship Community

Friends gather here

The tanks

For all those who want to learn about poker and have fun

Always Anime Central

Free forum : Watch anime, read manga and chat with friends.

Home for Fan Forum refugees

when in need create a forum

Free forum : TeamDeadlySones

Free forum : Team Deadly Sones forum.

Nasa Forum

Love us or Hate us


The Biggest And Best Family


We are Elegance; a guild for the North American version of Aika Online.


The home of the Emergency Response Team, the online text roleplaying game where you become a police officer, medical officer, firefighter or more!

Obscure Alliance

We are based on Shura Server of Jade Dynasty, having as our home realm 8 and we are a level 5 Alliance. Obscure