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Discuss favorite sports and hobbies


A hangout for the community that has formed around the Doctor Nerdlove blog. Bring your more in-depth or off-topic discussions here!


Membership Forum

Boycott DrippingQuills

Dripping Quills lied to you and the threats to sue amagicpiano to prison for ransom abuse

Free forum : Clover

Clover rocks your socks

Failure Against Gamers

The FAG hub.

Tax GunZ

The Revotation

Pandora's Box

Discussion of controversial topics.

The Lawmen

Free forum : Red Dead Redemption Playstation 3/XBOX 360 Clan

Crime Gunz

New Server

Praetor Army HQ

This is the offical Head Quarters for the Praetors

Canada Gaming Clan

Combat Arms All Canadian Clan Out to Defeat FDQ and other French Clans

ETO-MTO 1942-1944

US Army 1942-1944